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SchoolNet foundation provides necessary training and skill development activities to the community people, school teachers, students and individuals for improvement of computer related skills under school programme. SchoolNet obtain, maintain and distribute donated computers, networking equipment, sustainable development and educational CDs, books, journals and similar other materials and related equipment which received from any donor or development partner within the country or of outside the country among the stakeholders for the purpose of improving the quality of education and life of the people.

SchoolNet foundation would like to establish formal and non-formal educational institutes and research organizations within the country by working in partnership with similar institutes and research organizations in and outside the country.

Through information and communication technology, SchoolNet facilitates exchange and management of sustainable development information and promotes social (health, education, culture), economic (agriculture, commodity pricing, job creation), environmental and intellectual development of individuals and groups in the society.

SchoolNet Foundation also acting in awareness raising campaigns and at the same time helping distressed and helpless women to become self reliant through self income generation activities and vocational training, and ultimately integrate them with gender equity programmes.

SchoolNet Foundation empowers youth by advancing them with modern educational technology and makes them capable to compete with the developing world. It is promoting greater understanding, knowledge networking and partnership through education, research and sustainable development activities among the peoples at large. The Foundation would like to create appropriate instruments for the next generation to realistically understand fundamental matters of development and its importance in their livelihood by facilitating knowledge networking, exchange of experiences and follow-up the development action by the public authorities and civil society.


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